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Perhaps not the best example for this forum, but saw this company name on a truck this morning...


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Because the name "Ashley" though can be either gender (I lost a girl to a guy named Ashley once whose last name was also an 'either/or gender' human first name :-D) and also a Last name, I am very much reminded of this humorous blog entry about the name Andrea (which I'll post there as well):

Aug 27, 2005:

Similar to "Laura", "Andrea" has been used as a last name: According to an eBay(tm) auction showing a picture of the book's cover, a man named Alfred J. Andrea wrote a college textbook...

So in otherwords, it's possible that name Andrea Radio Corporation could possibly be referencing someone's last, not first, name....

By the same token, "Dr. Laura" could have just as easily been a legitimate professional name

... (long thing about name "Laura" snipped out) ...

So in other words, "Andrea" is like the Swiss army knife of names... male or female, first, middle or last... if you find a stray dog with a name tag, "Andrea", that tag tells -zip- about that dog... that could even be WHERE HE -WORKS- :-D