rauldandrea (rauldandrea) wrote in humannamedstuff,

Thinking of Pruning Some of My Posts

My Last post is a pretty good example of what this forum is for...

In hindsight I think some of my other ones 'target the mark' 'a little less well' than others... Maybe some of these will get deleted or moved to 'sexynamesnwords' or someplace else.

I guess I'll make a comment under this post saying which of mine I'm thinking of deleting and people can reply if they really want them to stay, want to be told where they get moved to if they do, or if they simply know of a better journal to host them under...

This forum is a great concept, but isn't going to work too well if I keep listing things and saying stuff like "Well dangit, this -SHOULD be- a human name!" :-D
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